“Trust me, I got this!“ – EBEC Novi Sad 2017

Local round of EBEC – EBEC Novi Sad 2017 was the fifth one organized in Balkan in this season! It was primarily held at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. There were four teams of four in both of the categories. The competitors in Team Design category had “Trust me, I’m an engineer!” written on their T-Shirts. Case Study competitors also had their slogan: “Trust me, I got this!“.

Besides the opening ceremony, 2 workshops for students and 1 for competitors were held on the first day of the event. Second day was competition day for Case Study and Team Design. On the third day of the event organizers prepared 2 workshops for students, grand closing and winner announcement. There was also a party for EBEC people!

There were 4 speakers for the grand opening – Julijana Stupić, Social & Pax responsible held the opening, Nemanja Matić (main organizer), Ksenija Ulićević (president) and Stanko Krstin (president of the Union of Employers of Vojvodina).

EBEC Novi Sad was supported by the following entities: NTT Data Serbia, Continental Subotica, Union of Employers of Vojvodina, Bridge Communications and OPENS2019. They also had goods fundraised from a number of companies.

We congratulate the winners of Case Study – team The mozgovi.

And we also congratulate the winners of Team Design – team SMINIK.