Robots are taking over Nis

EBEC Nis 2016 was successfully organized on 26. and 27. March. A problem that was assigned to the competitors in Team Design was to make a robot using only cans of Red Bull. Robot also had to be able to transport small weight and to be similar to a human. A problem for students in Case Study was…well, robots of course. They had to imagine the situation where they were trapped, because of an earthquake that happened, and had to use robots to rescue themselves and the other people. Winning team in Team Desing was “Shin Shin Toitsu“ and in Case Study it was “E136“.

NisHere is what they said: „We took part in EBEC last year as well. Although we didn’t know what to expect, we managed to win. We liked it. It was fun and organization was great. So, this year we decided to apply again and defend our title.