The Challenge has started! EBEC Challenge Balkan has been opened!

Hello, EBEC Balkan world!!

Yesterday, we had Official opening ceremony on University of Niš!

Official ceremony started with violin duo, that was preforming popular compositions. Public Relations Responsible – Aleksandra Kocić greeted the audience and welcome them to Niš. First word had a president of LBG Nis – Natalija Tonić, who presented BEST as an EBEC Challenge organizer.

Regional Round Coordinator Damir Husejn was talking about EBEC as a competition, its structure and rules.

The most important word had a main organizer of this event – Dušan Branković.

This competition is the biggest European competition these days. Its size is reflected in you, competitors and organizers who, in addition to their student obligations, do something great and important like this. Feel honored that you are today in this place as winners, as representatives of your cities and countries – said Branković.

He also thanked to the sponsors which supported this event.

Branković said that educational partners of EBEC Challenge Balkan are Faculty of Electronic Engineering and University of Niš, general sponsor is Leoni Wiring systems Southeast, Eko Serbia is golden partner, Infotech studio is silver and Societe Generale. The event is also supported by As trgovina, Amor Kafa, Niška pivara, TehnoNiš, Nes Coffee, Studentski dnevni list, Belle Amie television and many other entrepreneurs who have recognized the importance of this competition.

Anica Divac, representative of Leoni Wiring systems greeted the participants and introduced them with work of their company. She told them that it is their honor to be a part of EBEC Challenge Balkan, and that their company is trying to invest in informal education, such is case study and team design competitions in order to get more creative solutions of some problems which can occur in their company.

After Anica, vice-dean for Science of Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nebojša Doncev referred to the participants. He was talking about improvement of this institution and about future plans for its development.

EBEC Challenge Balkan is also supported by City of Niš. Stevan Živković, a chief of Youth Office, greeted the participants and welcome them to Niš.

After the closing of opening ceremony, participants took photo in University building and on Nišava Bridge.

Official ceremony was continued in an informal gathering in Youth Office near the river side, where they had an opportunity to make new friends from all over the Balkan!

Our participants bravely took the challenge today!! Stay tuned for more info! Sum up of the first competition day is coming soon!!

And if you are interested in seeing the official opening ceremony, you can do that by clicking on this link.