First in the round of EBECs – EBEC Nis

Local round of EBEC – EBEC Nis 2017 was the first one organized in Balkan in this season! It took place at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis, from 22nd to 26th of December. It lasted four days; the first day was the Official Opening and after that teams had some tasks to do and present the solutions. The president of LBG Nis and  the main Organizer of EBEC Nis 2017 held their speech for the Official Opening. 

On the second day of the competition, a professor from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering had the lecture and the teams had some tasks to do. Two other days Team Design and Case Study teams were working on their tasks. They presented their work and the winners were chosen.

There were 5 teams in total: 3 teams for Team Design and 2 for Case Study.

This year two companies supported EBEC Nis: Webelinx and Car-go. The University of Nis also gave their support.

We congratulate the winners of Case Study – team e136

And we also congratulate the winners of Team Design – team sMas.