Meet the host of this years regional EBEC round – LBG Belgrade

Local Best Group Belgrade was founded in 2003. by young and enthusiastic people who wanted to become a part of the BEST family. Now, after 18 years, LBG Belgrade attracts members from 18 different technical faculties at the University of Belgrade. There are more than 150 active members and three different stakeholders that are interconnected: students, companies, and universities. Together, we are working on strengthening our local Best Group, while …

Meet Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia and its history is long and turbulent. The city lays at the junction of the rivers Danube and Sava and is one of the oldest cities on the continent of Europe.  Every year the city attracts visitors from all around the world with its lively spirit and amazing architecture. The meaning of the modern name is ‘White city’, which derived from …

EBEC Balkan 2020 New date

In order to safeguard and contribute to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, the region round of EBEC Balkan is delayed and will be held from 18th to 22nd of June ( NOT from 7th to 11th May as first planned). We will use this additional time to make this year’s competition better than ever before! Stay safe!

Meet organizing team of EBEC Balkan 2020.

EBEC Balkan is one of the fifteen regional rounds of EBEC competition. This year, it will take place in Belgrade from May 7th to May 11th. Behind the scenes, there is an organizing team consisting of nine people who are working hard to make sure that competition runs smoothly and that competitors meet interesting and challenging tasks, learn new things, gain experience, make new friends, have fun and make unforgettable …

City Hostel

Since 2011. City Hostel resides on the ideal location that is the city center of Novi Sad. According to guest ratings from all world booking sites: it is the most favorable, state-of-the-art and the most hospitable hostel in Novi Sad. Today, City Hostel can comfortably accommodate 60 guests, the interior of the hostel is decorated with beautiful hand-painted walls, equipped with comfortable and cleanmultiple and private rooms. It has 14 …

Meet the host of this years regional EBEC round – BEST Novi Sad

Novi Sad will host the regional round of European BEST Engineering Competition – EBEC Balkan. The regional round will be held from the 9th to the 13th of May. This would be the first time that BEST Novi Sad has organised an engineering competition of this size and manner. Let’s get to know them a little better because the competition is getting closer. BEST Novi Sad was founded in 2005 …

Infotech studio is searching for a SW Developer

In order to expand our capacities and improve the quality of our products, we are looking for new members of our team. We need experienced Software developers to create and maintain software solutions in the field of Machine Vision Technologies, Digital Signage, Manufacturing Execution System, Access Control Systems and Queue Management Systems. From candidates, we are expecting to help develop and optimize critical applications and provide advanced technical support to our customers. Qualifications:• University …

All of the competition in one video

EBEC Challenge Balkan has finished, and now that the challenge is complete and that we gathered all the impressions, our team thought it might be interesting sharing one more video that in the best way shows the overall picture of this years’ competition. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to take the challenge next year!

Interviews with the winning teams

Both Case Study and Team Design winning teams of EBEC Challenge Balkan 2018 are teams from Skopje. Our organisational team decided to visit them in Macedonia after the competition ended and to ask about their general impressions after winning the Regional Round of EBEC Challenge.

Career Day

On May 14th, at Faculty of Electronics Engineering Career Day was held. Our participants and students had the opportunity to get information from company representatives about the work they are doing, projects and company structure. They had a chance to hear about internships and jobs that they are offering. There were 3 companies on our Career Day: INFOTECH STUDIO SOCIETE GENERALE