Meet the host of this years regional EBEC round – LBG Belgrade

Local Best Group Belgrade was founded in 2003. by young and enthusiastic people who wanted to become a part of the BEST family. Now, after 18 years, LBG Belgrade attracts members from 18 different technical faculties at the University of Belgrade. There are more than 150 active members and three different stakeholders that are interconnected: students, companies, and universities.

Together, we are working on strengthening our local Best Group, while believing in the mission and vision of BEST. 

BEST Spirit is in all of us, and all of our projects are organized using BEST values (Fun, Friendship, Flexibility, Learning, Improvement). Every year we organize many notable projects. 

EBEC Belgrade – Local Engineering competition

The first round of EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is held every year by our local LBG in Belgrade. Like all the next rounds, EBEC Belgrade consists of two categories: Team Design and Case Study. Young, talented engineers have an opportunity to solve real-life problems while working in a team. EBEC helps them develop their engineering skills, the way they think, and improves their teamwork while teaching them to have fun along the way.

BEST Design Week

This year marks the 10th anniversary of BEST Design Week, and this is an original project created by LBG Belgrade. Throughout the years it improved a lot and now consists of different workshops about graphic design, web design, and photography. There are both basic and advanced workshops so that anybody can apply, no matter the experience or knowledge they have.

BEST Courses

This is a traditional project for every LBG. There are four seasons of courses, and LBG Belgrade organizes a Summer Course. Every year, students from all around Europe, come to Belgrade to learn more about a chosen topic. The topics vary from engineering and technical lectures to soft skill and career-related courses. Besides the academic part, the participants have an opportunity to learn about the culture of our country and meet new friends with the help of different social activities. 

Cultural Exchange

Another project that connects LBG Belgrade with international BEST. This is an internal project which means that all the participants are also Besties from different LBGs. This is an amazing opportunity to visit Belgrade, meet our LBG, and learn more about our culture, food, habits, and people.

JobFair – Create your future

JobFair is one of our biggest projects, and we create it in collaboration with a partner organization EESTEC. JobFair is organized for students and graduates who are looking for different job opportunities and internships. Every year, JobFair is visited by 5000 students, and over 50 companies are our partners.

AIBG (Artificial Intelligence BattleGround)

This is a programming hackathon and our most recent project. In 2018. we introduced AIBG with the help of LBG Zagreb. The competitors working in teams have twenty hours to create an intelligent agent that will battle the opponent’s team using the game, that we created, as a battlefield. This competition is very intense, but all the participants are intelligent young people with a passion for knowledge and learning. Even though they spend the whole night coding, they never lack energy or drive for creation.
You can find more about BEST Belgrade on the website: