Meet organizing team of EBEC Balkan 2020.

EBEC Balkan is one of the fifteen regional rounds of EBEC competition. This year, it will take place in Belgrade from May 7th to May 11th.

Behind the scenes, there is an organizing team consisting of nine people who are working hard to make sure that competition runs smoothly and that competitors meet interesting and challenging tasks, learn new things, gain experience, make new friends, have fun and make unforgettable memories.

This is the team:

Main Organiser: Doroteja Mičeta – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Belgrade 

National/Regional Round Coordinator: Jovana Međo –  Faculty of Law, Novi Sad

Topic Responsible: Nemanja Aćimov – Faculty od Electronic Engineering, Nis

Logistics Coordinator: Bogdan Kostić – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade 

Corporate Relations Coordinator: Dušan Teodorović – Faculty of Technology and  Metallurgy, Belgrade 

IT Coordinator: Nenad Krstić – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade 

Participant Responsible: Milica Stokić – Faculty od Medicine, Novi Sad

Design Coordinator: Marko Živanović – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade 

Public Relations Coordinator: Ružica Stamenković – Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Belgrade