Second challenge? Done!

Our general partner Leoni wiring system provided both Case Study and Team Design tasks on second day of the competition!

Leoni Team Design’s task was creating a big drawing holder, which people in the engineering sector can use for daily work. The task’s specifications we’re were the following:
The drawing canvas/paper is to be easily replaceable, that the holder itself is “rewindable” meaning that at any given moment only the section of the drawing necessary for current work is visible and accessible. The most difficult part of the assignment was to allow the holder to change the grid in which the drawing is viewed, based on the part of the drawing being viewed.

Their Case Study task was to develop plan of improvement for FIFO procedure (First in-First out) so they can implement it in development and storage of their half-products.

Members of Jury in Case Study category were:

  • Aleksandar Lazarević and Mladen Stingić from LEONI,
  • Branimir Novaković from Societe Generale.

And for Team Design members of Jury were:

  • Strahinja Tačić and Sandra Stojanović from LEONI,
  • Nikola Vitanović – experienced EBEC competitor.

These are the winners of the tasks!

Case Study:

1st place was shared between teams NeedCoffee from Skopje and Oranges from Belgrade.

Team Limbizam from Zagreb got the 3rd place.

Team Design:

1st place got team Garda bedakov from Maribor.

2nd place got team Meeseeks from Skopje.

3rd place got team SICEF – Tought from Niš.

If you are interested in seeing the presentation of Leoni’s Team Design tasks click here.