First challenge? Accomplished!

Hello EBEC Challenge world! Balkan is awake! Participants are in Niš!

Our participants faced their first challenge yesterday! They had mini Team Design and Case Study tasks. If you want to know which teams were the first winners of Balkan regional rounds, keep reading!

Case Study task was given by a Serbian company EKO Serbia, which is a golden sponsor of EBEC Challenge Balkan 2018. Their task was to improve EKO smile loyalty club mobile application. They needed to think about new functionalities that the EKO smile club mobile app should have, about why the users should download and use the app, what differentiates the EKO smile app from the competitors apps and why the consumers would use it. They were creating an attractive application with special offers and communication possibilities. Also, they needed to think about new ways to increase numbers of active and registered users!

Members of Jury in the Case Study category were:

  • Main organizer of EBEC Balkan 2014 – Slobodan Radonjić
  • Representatives of EKO company – Igor Todorović and Jovana Krstić

Winners of Case Study category are:

1st place – Team NeedCoffee from Skopje.

2nd place – Team Biro from Podgorica.

3rd place – Team SICEF – Resolver from Niš.

Judges made their decisions based on a different criteria, such as originality of proposed solutions, presentation of the solutions and abilities to defend solutions.

Team Design task was given by the Topic team of EBEC Challenge Balkan organizational team. The competitors had to show their creativity and flexibility. They had to create a pinball machine which had to meet certain specifications, such as incline of around 7 degrees, it needed to have a “dead zone” between two flippers, pinball machine had to pop out the EBEC logo everytime when being hit, etc.

Judges had a difficult task to choose the best solution! Some of the criterias for choosing the best model were: prototype of proposed solutions, functionality of the model and design.

Winners of Team Design category are:

1st place – Team Meeseeks from Skopje.

2nd place – Team FERrarij from Zagreb.

3rd place – Team +21 from Novi Sad.

Members of Jury in a Team Design category were:

  • Experienced EBEC competitors – Nemanja Petrašinović and Marko Lukić.
  • Professors of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering – Miloš Marjanović and Ljubomir Vračar.

Click on this link to see the presentation of Team Design tasks.

Today, our competitors are working on a tasks that were given by the general sponsor of EBEC Challenge Balkan – LEONI Wiring systems company.

Good luck competitors!


Stay tuned for more info!