Golden sponsor of the competition


Company EKO SERBIA A.D. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, which is the largest commercial and industrial Group in Greece and the energy leader in Greece and SEE.
Hellenic Petroleum has established a commercial company EKO SERBIA in September 2002.
Since the company was established, our staff, both head office employees and pump attendants, have strived to achieve our main objective – to render EKO products and services available in all parts of Serbia.

Our mission

The primary and firm goal of EKO SERBIA is to achieve a leading position in the Serbian fuels market, offering top quality products and services, safe working conditions, showing respect to the environment and its customers, and making a social contribution to the public at large.

As CSR company (corporate responsible company), EKO Serbia invests great efforts in order to support local community. EKO has been supporting young people and sports, with special focus on education and road safety. EKO Serbia is also proud sponsor of the Football Association of Serbia and Olympic team of Serbia.


The company is active in the supply, transportation and marketing of liquid fuels, lubricants and liquefied petroleum (LPG) to commercial and industrial clients. At the same time, it distributes its products to the public at large, through a network of 54 petrol stations, using the EKO trade mark.

Apart from selling all types of oil derivatives, the stations also have mini-markets with a carefully selected assortment of consumer products, auto cosmetics and EKO lubricants; EKO RACING cafe, automatic and manual car wash; petrol stations on the highway also have a restaurant complex, snack bar and a shop from the famous OLYMPUS PLAZA restaurant chain from Greece.

EKO SERBIA today employs 43 people in the head office and through the franchise system of operations approximately 600 on the petrol stations.

EKO products

The company is recognized as premium brand of petrol stations providing high quality fuel products and providing positive experience on the roads. It is recognized by its differentiated fuels such as Diesel avio double filtered, Economy fuels platform, free of charge pit stop car checks and since 2013 also for the unique stand alone Smile program- loyalty scheme awarding customers.


About SMILE club

EKO SMILE club is a rewarding program for loyal customers. By filling out a simple application, customer immediately gets his/her card and becomes a member of the club. The card is instantly active and ready for customer to use it. With every purchase/transaction customer gets certain amount of points, depending on the category of product. After collecting a certain number of points, customer can choose one of the products or services from EKO SMILE club catalogue and get it for only 1 RSD and the corresponding number of points shown in the catalogue.

When shopping, customer should point out to cashier that he/she is a member of the club so that each transaction can be converted into a certain number of points available for the purchase of the promo product. From the moment of card registration, points are valid for 3 years and there is no limit of the number of purchased promotional products. Information about points (total sum) is easily available, at the point of sale itself, and it can be tracked via cellphone – Android or iOS application.