City of Niš – The City of Merak

Are you ready for EBEC Challenge Balkan? The best engineers from 8 different cities – Belgrade, Maribor, Mostar, Niš, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Skopje and Zagreb will compete in Niš from 11th until 15th of May.

If you want to find out why is one of the oldest cities on Balkan called City Merak, and what to visit if zou are one of the lucky competitiors of EBEC Challenge Balkan 2018, keep reading…

Niš is one of the oldest cities on Balkan. It has been considered as a gateway between the East and the West since the ancient times. Niš lays on river Nišava and it is the third largest city in Serbia. Niš is also known as a birthplace of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor and the founder of Constantinople. As it is considered as one of the oldest cities in Europe, there are numerous tourist sites and monuments you should definitely see if you visit Niš.

Fortress – The remaining fortification was built by the Turks, and dates from the firs decades of the 18th century.

Skull Tower (Čele Kula) – A monument to the Serbian revolutionaries (1804-13); a tower made out of skulls of Serbian uprisers, killed and decapitated by the Ottomans.

Čegar – The place where Battle on Čegar Hill took place on 19th of May, 1809.

Red Cross concentration camp – One of the few preserved Nazi concentration camps in Europe.

Bubanj – Monument to fallen Yugoslav World War II fighters, forming the shape of three clenched fists. The place where 10,000 civilian hostages from Niš and south Serbia were brutally murdered by German Nazis.

Also, Niš is famous for its great food! Traditional cuisine of Niš represents unusual mixture of Serbian traditional dishes, with certain dose of eastern influences (Mostly Turkish). Some of the dishes you should definitely try if you ever visit Niš are:

Burek – Niš is very famous for its Burek. Burek is a type of baked pastry made of thin layers of dough. It is usually filled with cheese or meat. Burek is the most popular breakfast in Niš. It is also considered as a cure for hangover.

Roštilj (barbecue) – Grilling is very popular in Serbia. Grilled meats are the primary main course dishes offered in restaurants. They are commonly served as mixed grill on large oval plates. They are often also eaten as fast food. Can you even say that you have visited Serbia if you didn’t try pljeskavica?

Sweets – Sweets and desserts enjoyed in Serbia include both typical Middle Eastern and typical European ones, as well as some authentically Serbian ones.


Rakija – Rakija is a traditional Serbian alcoholic beverage. There are numerous varieties, which are usually named after the type of fruit they are made from. Šljivovica, made from plum (šljiva), is considered the national drink.