Meet the host of this years EBEC Challenge Balkan round – BEST Nis

Local BEST Group Nis (LBG Nis) will be the host of this years Balkan round of the European BEST Engineering Competition – EBEC Challenge Balkan 2018. This competition will take place from 11th until 15th of May on Faculty of Electronic Engineering. LBG Nis is experienced organizer of EBEC regional rounds, since EBEC Balkan 2014 also took place in Niš.

Local BEST group Nis was officially accepted into BEST on 12th of January 2007 as an observer group. During the following months LBG Nis organized Developers Meeting in August 2007, being the first Observer group who did an LBG’s work. After President Meeting in 2007 LBG Nis became Baby member and on General Assembly in Budapest on April 2009, our group became a full member.

By organizing numerous events, LBG Nis is trying to connect two sides. All interested students of University of Niš on one side, and companies, from the city and whole country, on the other side. The most important thing is that both of interested sides have multiple benefits from these events.

Our Local BEST group is currently numbering 60 active members. We are one of the most progressive group in BEST, in organizing, as well as being serious in our work.

During 11 years of its existence LBG Nis has organize different events, both local and international. Some of them are:  10 International academic summer courses, 10 Job Fairs, 10 local rounds of EBEC, 5 workshops and trainings weeks – BEST week, and other internal events.

This year LBG Nis will host 64 students from 8 different Balkan cities – Belgrade, Maribor, Mostar, Niš, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Skopje and Zagreb!

Stay tuned, and find out the latest news about EBEC Challenge Balkan!

See you in May!