Days of the Engineers – EBEC Podgorica

The sixth local round of EBEC – EBEC Podgorica 2017 was held from 21st to 23rd of April at the University of Montenegro in Capital city Podgorica, under the name “Days of the Engineers”. This local round gathered 40 students from technical faculties of the University, and the Official opening itself gathered around 100 people from faculties, company partners, organizers, competitors and presidents of other students organizations.  

In category Case Study, ERSTE Bank gave the task “Spirit of the place”. Competitors had to come up with a unique place in the capital city, that will become a recognizable gathering place, the symbol of Podgorica.

Team Design participants, out of given materials,had to construct a device that will, once launched off a ramp, carry a certain weight over a certain distance.  

The winning teams have been awarded with packages from organizers, ERSTE Bank and vouchers for a one day field trip from IN travel agency.

The partners that supported this year’s EBEC Podgorica are ERSTE Bank, Faculty of Electronics, The Montenegrin Cluster of Engineers, The Department for Urbanism (RZUP), New Technologies Association of Montenegro, and many others.

“ERSTE Bank had recognized the potential of this competition from the beginning and, since then, we never had doubts these five years if we should support EBEC.”, said Dragana Cvenica, from ERSTE Bank. “I have to admit that every year our expectations are surpassed and I congratulate to the organizers on that.”

The winners of Case Study are team Quattro CAD.

And the winners of Team Design category are team Ovde napon dvesta.

We congratulate both teams and wish you good luck in Mostar on the regional round of the competition!