Welcome the future with EBEC Mostar

The day 28th of March was the day for our 4th local round. It was held in Mostar, this year’s regional round host. Mostar gathered 8 teams, 4 Case Study and 4 Team Design. The competition took place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Official Opening and Closing ceremony were also held there.

Teams had 5 hours to work on their topic. The topic for Team Design was the Rude Goldberg Machine. Case Study had to come up with a solution for parks of the future, the parks that would attract more people than they do today.

This year two companies supported EBEC Mostar and held their presentations at the Official Opening: Atlantbh and Mistral. Besides these companies, Mostar had a lot of other support: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Union of students of University “Džemal Bijedić” Mostar, University “Džemal Bijedić” Mostar, Pub Beer ti&ja, SPARK, CopyLab, Mobis, Fast-Food “Musala”, etc.

Congratulations to the winners of Case Study – team Snowflake (photo left)and to the winners of Team Design – team Kmice (photo right), and see you on the regional round!