“Meet the future! Wake up the creativity! Be successful!” – EBEC Belgrade

EBEC Belgrade 2017 was the third local round that was held in the Balkan region. It lasted five days, from March 9th to 13th. The competition took place at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. The total of 10 teams (5 Case Study and 5 Team Design) competed under the slogan  “Meet the future! Wake up the creativity! Be successful!”.  

The Official Opening and company presentations took place on the first day. Also, there was a presentation about the programme for Master Studies KIC InnoEnergy. A science fair and the presentation about Electrobus held by GSP happened on the second day. That day was also the day for workshop and training for presentation skills held by Comtrade. The third day was committed to the Team Design category, participants were working on their smart solutions, while the fourth day was the day Case Study participants did their work. Official Closing and announcement of the winners happened on the fifth and the last day of the competition.

EBEC Belgrade 2017 had a lot of support. Here are the companies that supported the event:  Wurth, Comtrade, GSP, Pepsi, Hello juices, KIC InnoEnergy. Other than the companies, some of the faculties of the University in Belgrade also gave their support.

We congratulate the winners of Case Study – team Fantastična četvorka (photo left) and we also congratulate the winners of Team Design – team  Ambis (photo right)