BEST Podgorica hosting EBEC Balkan 2016

You know how they say you always need to challenge yourself to do more and be better? Well, that was the thought that we had when we decided to apply for hosting the next EBEC Balkan.LBG Podgorica is one young and rather inexperienced local group. It’s been only a year since we’ve got a status of a full member in BEST family. So, few months ago, while preparing our birthday celebration, we thought about what could be our next big step. We wanted to organize event that would be like a crown to all the others, something that would make us do a step forward. And there it was— EBEC Balkan!

It seemed just like the right opportunity to prove, to the others and to ourselves, how far we’ve come. We applied, and on our great pleasure, we were the chosen ones! EBEC inspires us as the future engineers, but more important, organizing EBEC inspires us as humans. We bounded not only inside our group, but also with so many gorgeous people from the region. EBEC gives you skills and experiences that can not be found in the classroom. We, in BEST Podgorica, are well aware of that and we are highly motivated to work. Don’t let you be misled by the myth that Montenegrins are lazy! We are here to break the myth and give you the best possible EBEC Balkan!