European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC)

European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is the largest real-time based engineering competition conducted by Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), gathering best European students of engineering. It is conducted by students for students. With EBEC Project BEST aims to develop participants skills thus not only theoretical knowledge also their practical knowledge which will help them to tackle problems which humanity faces each day. Teams that are composed by 4 students from technology fields, regardless of status of their degree, are challenged to solve the tasks that are provided by BEST in 3 different competition levels.

EBEC project begins functioning every year by the first Local EBEC Round that is conducted in Europe; afterwards moving onwards with several other Local EBEC Rounds as well as National/Regional EBEC Rounds and reaches an end by a EBEC Final event that is organised in beginning of August.

The team which proves to be the most efficient, creative and successful at the end of competition final is granted by “BEST Engineers of Europe” title. Project brings together students, universities, companies and NGOs (Non-governmental organizations).


Contestants have the opportunity to participate as a 4-member teams in the competition. They are offered to participate in these two categories: Team Design and Case Study.

Structure of EBEC:

EBEC pyramid consists of three levels that are hierarchically arranged as follows:

1. Local Round

It’s the first round of the competition. EBEC Local Rounds are organised by Local BEST Group from different technical universities. The winners of both categories proceed further and will meet with other local winners in their respective categories in the respective second (regional/national) round.

2. National/Regional Round

National/Regional EBEC Rounds are organised by 15 countries in Europe. They will gather the winners of all Local rounds that are part of each National/Regional Round. They usually last for 2-4 days and, in total, they collect around 600 students. 

3. Final Round

The last round of EBEC competition gathers 120 competitors from all over Europe. The EBEC Final last 9 days and 4 of them are working days. The other ones are dedicated for other different topics, such as company day, cultural visit and social activities.

For more about the project visit the official EBEC website